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Charlotte Andrews


  • Name: Charlotte Andrews
  • Hometown: Cheadle, Manchester
  • Lives: Manchester
  • Job Title: Administrator
  • Work Location: Manchester
  • Describe yourself in three words: Travel-loving, Eclectic, Chatterbox.
  • The best things in life are: Travel, food and vintage films.
  • I get my inspiration from: Pinterest, I have a board for everything, I'm a touch obsessed!
  • My fav trend is: Anything bold. I love pink faux fur coats and glittery skirts. I always try and shop more sensibly, it doesn't happen very often though.
  • Three essentials I can't live without are: My passport, my phone and a good lipstick.
  • My favourite place on Earth is: Hong Kong. I love the city but it also has some of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen.
  • I would most like to have dinner with: Audrey Hepburn. I love her, I think I have seen every single one of her films.
  • I'm packing in my holiday suitcase: Embellished sandals, high waisted shorts and a range of kimonos.

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