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Corinne Faburel-Guene


  • Name: Corinne Faburel-Guene
  • Hometown: Paris
  • Lives: Paris
  • Job Title: Head of Design Europe
  • Work Location: Miles Promocean - Paris
  • Describe yourself in three words: Creative, enthusiastic, curious
  • The best things in life are: Discovering the world – Making new friends – Having quality time with my family.
  • I get my inspiration from: My trips, mainly. Every place, every object can be a source of inspiration.Due to my position I have the opportunity to travel quite a lot across Europe, visiting fairs and concept stores on a regular basis. It allows me to get a broad vision  of the market and to compare what is happening in the different countries. Then I combine the trend watch agencies' information I get, to my own data, in order to adapt trends to our business.
  • My fav trend is: The Neo-Nomadic one, which is a a beautiful trend that opens your eyes and your mind, with multicultural influences and references,celebrating the Earth intelligence and humanism.  
  • Three essentials I can't live without are: My iPad Mini, which allows me to get in touch with my tribe anytime. My camera, in order to be able to take photos everywhere I go. My handbag, that contains all the other essentials I need...
  • My favourite place on Earth is: Definitely, London. I fell in love with the city, the very first time I visited it. More than twenty years on, London, is still for me, one of the most fascinating and exhilarating cities in the world. I always feel the same excitement, every time the Eurostar arrives at St Pancras… Somehow, I consider London as my second hometown, if not in reality, then at least in spirit.
  • I would most like to have dinner with: Jean-Paul Gaultier. I have always been fascinated by this designer. He succeeded in the business without following the typical path, but inventing his own rules. He is not only extremely talented and creative, he is an inventor. He promoted diversity and broke the codes of fashion, managing to overcome the barriers between clothes, people and gender, marrying them, to create so playful and unexpected collections. Despite the fact he has become very famous, he never took himself too seriously. He just stayed humble. That also explains why I appreciate him.
  • I'm packing in my holiday suitcase: My favourite pair of vintage sunglasses, a tube of Soleil Noir sunscreen, my Havaianas flip-flops and my new Princesse Tam-Tam bikini. The World According to Garp John Irving’s novel which I read many times never getting bored… and of course My iPad Mini and my camera!

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